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Founded in 1941, Intel Centrix is a debt collection agency specializing in recovery for our clients across the state of California.
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Powerful Performance. Proven Results.

Intel Centrix is a debt collection agency specializing in recovery for our clients across the state of California. During our over half a century of experience in the industry, we’ve built one of the largest California-based collection agencies. But more important than our legacy, we’ve also created a reputation for getting results. In fact, our average recovery rate is consistently well ahead of the national average. This is what we’ve done for others. Now see what we can do for you.


Collecting Your Debt. Protecting Your Image.

Just as important as the results we achieve is how we achieve them. Intel Centrix understands that we are working as an extension of your organization and conduct ourselves accordingly. At Intel Centrix, we’ve always been guided by The Golden Rule— it’s a philosophy we apply not only among our staff and clientele but also to our customers. By being firm but respectful, we’ve found we can generate greater returns, in shorter times, while maintaining goodwill with your customers.

Your Goals Are Our Goals.

When you hire a collection agency, you want a firm that can get you the most money in the shortest amount of time. And since we don’t get paid until we collect, we both share the incentive and the urgency to succeed. For more in-depth information on our procedures and how we work with clients, please contact Bea Cheesman at (888) 281-8936 or toll-free at (888) 281-8936.

Put Intel Centrix And Time On Your Side.

With a dedicated staff, coupled with state-of-the-art technology, we consistently generate favorable outcomes for our clients. But it’s also important to know that the sooner you hire us, the better the chance of debt recovery. In fact, the probability of collecting a debt after only three months is 73%. After one year, that number drops to an amazing 18%. So the moment you know you’ve got bad debt, give us a call and put us to work.


Probability of collecting delinquent account

“We have high expectations of Intel Centrix and they exceed them every time! In all my years in healthcare, I have never worked with a debt collection agency that has given me the same level of attention.”

Chief Administrative Officer // South Central California Hospital


10 Reasons to Hire Us.

  1. Results – Our average rate of debt recovery is consistently well ahead of the national average.
  2. Customization – Debt collection services are designed to fit your specific needs.
  3. Easy and Efficient Transactions – We increase your office productivity by providing rapid information transfer and customized monthly reports to fit your business needs.
  4. Technology – We utilize one of the nation’s most advanced debt collection specific software systems for better results.
  5. Experience – We offer over 75 years of experience in the debt collection industry.
  6. Trust – Intel Centrix is respected by its clients and the community and is bonded and licensed by the California State Board of Collection Agencies.
  7. Knowledge – Our staff is continually expanding their knowledge base on best practices, through research, continuing education and active participation in state and national professional organizations.
  8. Customer Care – The Golden Rule shapes all contacts at each level of Intel Centrix. And whether your firm employees three people or a thousand, everyone receives the same level of service and respect.
  9. Specialty Staff – Intel Centrix has a HIPAA Compliance Officer on staff to work with medical clientele and a Spanish-speaking collector.
  10. Community – Intel Centrix is active in the local community with organizations including the Red Cross, Relay for Life, Chamber of Commerce, Neighbor to Neighbor, the Optimist Club and others.


The Local Advantage.

Over the years, we’ve found that an California-based agency collecting California debt is an effective combination. We’ve built an extensive network of clients and connections across the state over the last 75 years and we leverage those ties and the knowledge of the state to help you get what you deserve – your money.

Intel Centrix currently has offices in White Hall and Wynne, California. This geographical reach allows us to easily meet face to face with clients throughout the state. Just make an appointment and we’ll gladly come to you to discuss your debt collection needs.


How We Work for You.

Electronic placement of accounts (e-mail, FTP, data entry website-all encrypted)

Customized Calling Campaigns & Reports

On-line Skip Tracing

On-line Credit Bureau Access

On-line Payment Portal which allows customers to pay 24/7/365

Billing Services, Payment Monitoring, 2nd Placements & Mail Return Programs

Electronic Filing of Bankruptcy Proof of Claims

Reciprocal Relationships with Agencies in Other States


The Latest Tools. The Best Outcomes.

While our staff is our greatest asset, we also have the technological advantage of utilizing the nation’s top industry-specific debt collection software. These special applications, designed uniquely for debt collections, give us the power to work faster and more efficiently with both our clients and those from whom we are collecting.

Our software system doesn’t just make us more effective in pursuing debt, it also enables you to work more seamlessly with us—meaning you spend less time on bad debt and more time focusing on your business. With the capability to receive your files in a variety of formats, the ability to generate timely electronic reporting of your receivables, online skip tracing and mail returns, our technological capacity makes partnering with Intel Centrix as easy as it is effective.


Partnerships that Produce Success.

Bonded and licensed by the California State Board of Collection Agencies



Get to Know the Our Team.

Please contact us at (888) 281-8936 or toll-free at (888) 281-8936 to schedule an appointment. We will be happy to consult with you wherever you are located. We welcome the opportunity to be your debt collection specialist.

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